Egypt 2011

1. Hotel "Meliã Sinai"

Hotel Meliã Sinai is the part of wide hotel network Meliã.

2 neighbour hotels - Melia Sinai and Melia Sharm, form a group, and share territory and beaches. Check panoramic view of both hotels from Melia Sinai lighthouse. The beach of our hotel is to the left, with one pontoon available, to the right from the centre - buildings of Melia Sharm, and the beach with 2 pontoons further on. Right on the horizon - widely known island Tiran.
Click here to view the panorama, use scroll bars to move image in the browser window

The Hotel is wonderful at day and night )

Please check animated photo, made from 4 separate snapshots.
2. Hotel Interiours

3. Beach

4. Soho Square

Soho Square is located near Savoy hotel, and designed to be London style square for tourist entertainment and shopping.

"Singing fountain" is the main "feature" of the square, but numerous bronse statuettes cought more of our attention.

The square is especially gorgeous at night lightning, when the Fountain wakes up and music sounds.

5. We in Soho

It takes only 5 minutes taxi to reach Soho from our hotel. It was kind of tour for us. One more nice feature of Soho - ice skating rink )).

More in Soho:

We and Soho at night:

6. So called snorrklingg

7. Appartment

We've got good appartment from the 2nd try. First room offered was so called SV-room (sea view), with view to sea and amhpitheatre, but later we found it rather noisy (ventilation, etc.), so we asked to change it. Another appartmets 2001 - with view to pathway in deep bushes, but ideally calm and silent. The appartments are rather old (probably from 2004), but in good condition, fridge, TV, perfect bathroom. And classic towel-made swams-flowers-rabbits left by cleaning person :)

8. We and our friends

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