Slim light solutions :)

Long time I have been trying to name the feature, which I do like in software.
Probably, this is the name - slim light.

My Favourite HTML/CSS Styles

Just bright palette CSS, that can be used for the simple web page with tables.

Reference Pages

It's an attempt to create pages sufficient for creating elaborated BAT scripts or MSBuild projects. It means that there are no formal and detailed commands/parameters descriptions, instead there are specific one-liner-reminders, suitable to recall required name or symbol.

External Pages with Nice Ideas or Info

Youtube Presentations

  • With Java 21, Your Code Runs Even Faster But How is that Possible? By Per Minborg -- -- has interesting things:
    • simple example to JMH (@Benchmark, etc.);
    • magic method mightContainZeroByte(long l) - to be used in strlen in Java 22
    • changes to RandomAccessFile in Java 21


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