I prefer large and detailed snapshots. 1024*768, 1280*960, 1600*1200.
Which will not fit in browser window. And which have large file sizes.

You are proposed to copy the photos to your local drive, and then view its with some nice image viewer application, like ACDSee, or Fast Stone Image Viewer.

BTW, about file sizes: files are large - 200..600 KBytes per file, there are some panorama photos with more than 1 MByte, but, note, these are NOT 2-megabytes P1010358.JGP's from 6-megapixels toy camera with plastic lens ... So, take it easy :)

Orange Revolution

Cats Exhibition (September 2004)

Turkey 2004


Cactuses Exhibition (May 2005)

Belichi - Panorames

Darnitsa Railway Station !!! (September 2005)


Gala's Photoabstractions


Botanical Garden (September 2005)

39, Lenina str., Bortnichi

Cellphones :-)

Riva The Cat - collection


Lone Bridge

Mariinskij Park, 8 March 2006

Chrenigiv, June 2006

Grass-snake, spider, frog, caterpillar
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