December of 2005

The address leads to Galina's pages, this time devoted to flamenko, what will be later, we'll see ...

Autumn 2011, Egypt, Sharm el Sheikh, Meliã Sinai

Spring 2012, Egypt, Hurghada, SunrisE

Bidirectional list - slim light implementation
For the sake of order - History
19.03.2006 Uuuh, finally I've found time ... the site said bye to frames and now is built on scripts ...
15.12.2005 Subdomain .
17.11.2005 += Plus paid hosting, 200 Μα. Instead of "Download area" I will design pages with true photosessions
11.05.2004 Subsites for Aline and Vova Nenko are created (still under construction)
21.12.2003 The site is founded (draft of based on frames).
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