Egypt 2012

1. Hotel "SunRisE Select Royal Makadi Resort"

Sunrise Select Royal Makadi Resort is part of the hotel chain SUNRISE.

The hotel is located in Makadi bay somewhere between Hurghada and Safaga, on the Red Sea coast, 25 km from Hurghada aeroport. Most of buildings were made in 2005. The design is made in national arabic style, wall contours resemble lines of arabic text.

The territory is vast and well cleaned, fluffy grass lawns, large cacti, flowering hibiscus and bougainvillea. Palm trees, giving shade, mostly grows near the beach. The beach - lot of free space, sun beds, umbrellas and "anti-wind" fences. Gently sloping sandy seabed, almost no stones, few live corals with urchins, moray eels and other small creatures. Going deeper, bare sand is changed to meadow of grass, with herds of peacefully grazing fishes :).

Sunrise has lot of pools, including 2 pools with heating. Children enjoy two shallow but wide pools with waterslides. The pool with fountain and canopy is for babies. Huge playground. Excellent tennis courts.

There are several hotels around Makady bay, including Madinat Makadi hotels, which we visited in 2010 - Iberotel Makadi Saraya Resort (Iberotel hotel chain).

Large pier not far from the hotel beach hosts lot of trip boats. Rare occasional smell of motor oil was not a real problem. But it was very convenient to board a boat when going for diving.

2. Diving
10 of March. The boat "El Torky 2" goes along the coast in the direction of Hurghada. Cold wind and bright sun. The only hope is that cold wind does not reach underwater. On the way to the diving spot we are listening to the instructions of our diving coach. We stop in front of nice reef. On the shore we see lonely hotel, which reminds us of ancient Arab town - a chaotic conglomeration of vivid houses. Here we will dive !

3. Hotel views

Egrets walk blithely around the centre of the hotel. They share some food with sassy sparrows, which strive to establish their own zones of influence over the dining tables...

Main restaurant "Shahrazad" is surrounded by a large veranda with a carved wooden roof, which is a pergola with the intricate dome and terrace with a balustrade.

4. The beach

Only on the second day of our trip, when air temperature raised above 15 degrees, we met with the Red Sea.

5. The interiors of the hotel

Intricate, cozy, colorful. Lamps in the traditional arabic style, the colorful stained glass windows.

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